If you've never done it, there's a new video that shows why hiking in the Wind River Range is a stunning experience that can't be missed.

Catherine Gregory has over 35,000 subscribers on YouTube. There's a good reason for that. She hikes some of the most beautiful trails in the world and she just recently completed an adventure through the Wind River Canyon. Her video is gorgeous.

How did Catherine describe her Wind River Canyon hike?

We traverse the burly Texas Pass as our entry point into the iconic and majestic Cirque of the Towers and hike many "unofficial trails" in the very rugged backcountry of The Winds!

Catherine isn't kidding about the "burly" Texas Pass. It's one of the bigger challenges of that hike. She said they started at the Big Sandy trailhead. That's located about 57 miles from Pinedale and looks like this from above on a map.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Catherine said their trip was done in 6 days total. She mentioned that she considers the Wind River Range among the most beautiful in the world. This is coming from a pro hiker that just adventured in the Tetons about a month ago.

For whatever reason, my family follows a lot of hikers on YouTube including Adventure Archives and Catherine. If you love your outdoors, Catherine shares some amazing experiences.

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