Santa Claus is the only person I know whose address consists of two lines...

Santa Claus
North Pole

After all, the big guy is SO famous every mail carrier knows how to get the millions of letters sent to him every year exactly where they belong.

Obviously, the elves have a little bit to do with those letters getting to Santa, but in giving credit where credit is due, the United States Postal Service deserves some thanks too.

It looks like Wyoming's own son, Ian Munsick is climbing the ranks of famous folks and catching up to jolly St. Nick and the proof is on an envelope of a fan letter.

Ian's young fan simply wrote "Ian Munsick, Sheridan Wyoming."

And because Wyoming IS Wyoming Josh's letter made it to Ian.

In the letter, Josh writes that he was sad that Ian was unable to come to Casper in the summer as planned (darn that COVID anyhow) and he put in a few requests for when Ian does eventually make it back to Central Wyoming.

Dear Ian

I hop that you come to Casper to play next summer. I was sad you could not come last sumer. My mom siad if you come she will take me. I want you to play mountain time and ghost riders in the sky.

Thank you


Ian Munsick via Facebook
Ian Munsick via Facebook

As a former first-grade teacher I can tell you that this letter is very impressive.

Josh did a wonderful job with spelling and ending his sentences with a period.

I love how he took the time to put in his song requests, and I totally agree with him.

"Mountain Time" is one of my favorite Ian Munsick songs too.

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We're pretty sure that we can find a way to get him and Ian together next time Ian comes to town!

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