If you participate in Throwback Thursday kind of things, you will definitely enjoy this. I've found a (nearly) 90 year old country song about Wyoming. Let's listen.

This song has just been remastered and shared to YouTube. The singer is Riley Puckett. The song is "Somewhere in Old Wyoming". When he says "old Wyoming", he means it. This song was originally recorded back in 1930.

Hearing this song led me on a rabbit trail to Riley's Wikipedia page. It says he had a lengthy musical career that began in the mid-1920's and continued into the 1940's. That would put this song in Riley's hey day.

It appears that Riley was quite an interesting fella. It's surprising that he hit with a song about a girl "somewhere in Old Wyoming" when in fact he was from Georgia according to Wikipedia.

Sadly, Riley passed away in 1946 after a pimple on his neck turned into a boil and caused an infection in his blood. Thanks Wikipedia for ruining my lunch. At least we have this vintage recording of Riley's love of someone in Wyoming to remember him by.

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