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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Not So Special Delivery
#2 - Self-Stalking on Facebook
#3 - Fowl Play

Not So Special Delivery

A North Carolina man called 911 to complain that he'd paid a local vendor for some merchandise, but thought he was being ripped off after waiting and waiting for the delivery man – to bring him bags of coke and weed.

The guy, who identified himself only as "Dave," said he gave a dealer 80 bucks for the goods, which were supposed to be handed over at a nearby gas station later that afternoon. After cooling his heels for a good chunk of the day, Dave decided to bypass the Better Business Bureau and call cops.

He told the dispatcher, "I'm waiting for this guy to do the right thing." (WCRB)


Self-Stalking on Facebook

A Michigan woman is facing criminal charges after a year-long run of Facebook harassment – against herself!

Cheryl Nelson made eight separate calls to cops about the harassment, which she blamed on an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, but upon further investigation, authorities found out that she'd actually created a second account, which she used to send threatening messages to herself.

The woman admitted to the ruse after a search of her computer revealed that she'd used her ex's personal information to set up the fake account – which she says she did because she was unable to let go of her feelings for the guy. She's been offered a plea deal that would allow her to avoid jail time if she stays out of trouble. (Detroit Free Press)

Fowl Play

A county sheriff in Wisconsin had his feathers ruffled after being accidentally getting shot in the face by a turkey hunter.

Sheriff Jerry Cusick was scouting private land in St. Croix County, Wisconsin, for an upcoming turkey hunt when another hunter, Anthony Cardarelli, mistook him for a turkey rustling in the brush.

Cusick was struck by 50 BBs in his face, chest and arms. He lost a front tooth and will require surgery for a pellet lodged behind an eye. But that won't stop him from hunting wild turkey this spring.  "I'm going," the 53-year-old said. "I can see out of both of my eyes, and I walked out of it – so that's a miracle." (Mohr Pioneer Press)