This is pretty cool if you're one of those that dream about shedding your Earthly bonds one day and becoming a mild form of the word astronaut. Thanks to the ingenuity of Virgin Airlines founder, Richard Branson, those frequent flier miles that have been accumulating could be your ticket to the great beyond.

I surprise myself with how much of a fuddy-duddy I've become when it comes to exploring new realms and worlds. My imagination used to run wild. I love Sci-Fi! I still can't get enough of Star Wars and Star Trek. There are millions of people simply salivating for an opportunity like this, but not me. When I think about going to Mars now...or even the moon, I imagine a lengthy, uncomfortable ride where a helmet and a big uncomfortable shell suit are necessary to breathe. I imagine the dangers of having to navigate through decades worth of old space junk in order to just be able to say, "I did it! What a view!" My adventurous spirit has since given way to common sense thoughts like, "going to the john is going to be a real pain," and "why would I ever want to leave a place that is beautiful and tailor-made for my existence."

See...fuddy duddy.

But, if you're not like me, and actually think of space travel as fulfillment to the extreme, then start flying Virgin - frequently - and sooner than you think, the impossible might just be possible.

Richard Branson (billionare, adventurer, entrepreneur), whose company Virgin Galactic is scheduled to begin sub-orbital flights in the near future, has just announced his latest publicity campaign. Rack up the most Virgin frequent flier miles by August 7, 2013, and you will be automatically upgraded to "Galactic" status. That guarantees you a trip on Richard's new 6-man shuttle to the top of the world and beyond. This is serious and plans are already underway. 

I have to admit it far outweighs the usual perks. Read the full story and prepare for blast off!