Who knew that having a beard could score you a National Championship?

I know it sounds like something you could only hope for, right?

The realization is that November 12th at the Ford Wyoming Center in Casper, your beard could do just that.

The 2022 Honest Amish National Beard and Mustache Championship is part of this years Booze & Bacon Fest presented by Martinizing. 

It's serious business, too. These guys put lots of time, effort and energy into having the absolute best beard or mustache in the country.

Ladies, it's been said, if you're looking for a man that will be dedicated to you and work at your relationship...find a man with a beard. It takes patience to grow a solid beard or mustache.

The Honest Amish Beard and Mustache Championship isn't child's play. The beard and mustache industry is huge, organizations like the North American Competitive Beard & Mustache Alliance (NACBMA) and the World Beard and Mustache Association (WBMA) dictate the way the championship classes and categories are laid out and judged.

Here are the Classes and Categories for the 2022 Honest Amish National Beard and Mustache Championships


  • Natural
  • Styled, Handlebar Mustache
  • Groomed Mustache
  • English Mustache
  • Dali Mustache
  • Freestyle Mustache
  • Uber-Stache

Partial Beards

  • Natural Goatee, Shaped
  • Natural Goatee, less than 18"
  • Natural Goatee, more than 18"
  • Natural Sideburns, friendly
  • Natural Sideburns
  • Fu Manchu
  • Musketeer
  • Donegal
  • Whaler
  • Shenendoah
  • Goatee Freestyle
  • Sideburns Freestyle
  • Partial Beard Freestyle

Full Beards

  • Full Beard, Groomed less than 3"
  • Full Beard, Groomed  3 - 6"
  • Full Beard, Groomed 6 -12"
  • Full Beard, Groomed 12 -18"
  • Full Beard, Groomed 18-24"
  • Full Beard, Groomed more than 24"
  • Full Beard Verdi
  • Full Beard Garibaldi
  • Full Beard, Styled Mustache less than 3"
  • Full Beard, Styled Mustache 3 -6"
  • Full Beard Styled Mustache 6 -12"
  • Full Beard, Styled Mustache 12 - 18"
  • Full Beard, Styled Mustache 18-24"
  • Full Beard, Styled Mustache more than 24"
  • Full Beard, Natural less then 3"
  • Full Beard, Natural 3-6"
  • Full Beard, Natural 6-12"
  • Full Beard, Natural 12-18"
  • Full Beard, Natural 18-24"
  • Full Beard, Natural more than 24"
  • Full Beard Freestyle


  • Realistic Mustache
  • Creative Mustache
  • Realistic Beard
  • Creative Beard
  • Attached, Natural Craft Mustache
  • Attached, Natural Craft Beard

If you've been working on your beard and it's just not working out they way you planned, The Shop For Him 307 in Casper has taken time to give you tips of how you can start taking your beard seriously. Basia, Jenn, Jess, Shy, Dmitri and Sonam will also be on hand the day of the event at the Ford Wyoming Center.

Just like the hair on your head, it takes a little extra work to have an impressive beard. Anyone can just let it grow and have a bushy, untamed, beard or mustache. If you're really serious about being in the competition, you still have time to get your beard in tip top shape.

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