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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Cops Litter-Ally Embarrassed By Cat
#2 - Not Such A Sweet Ride
#3 - Golly, Llama!

Cops Litter-Ally Embarrassed By Cat

British cops responding to a 911 call marked by loud shrieking broke into an apartment after no one answered the door ... only to find the place empty, aside from a cat that dialed the number accidentally.

The officers forced their way into James Cocksedge's apartment following the bizarre emergency call, fearing the worst, but all they found was the kitten – named Bruce – hiding behind a cabinet and meowing. After surveying the scene, they determined he dialed the dispatcher by walking across the phone's buttons.

Cocksedge, who returned home to find his door knocked off its hinges, said, “Since we had the landline installed Bruce always rushes to answer the phone when it rings. He’s also fascinated by the buttons, which he loves to press." (Daily Mirror)


Not Such A Sweet Ride

Three Cleveland-area teens were looking for a sweet ride, but got into "wheel" big trouble when cops barged in as they were speeding around a locked Wal-Mart on bicycles they'd unlatched from the toy department.

Officers on routine patrol decided to take a peek inside the closed store when they heard laughter and shouting from inside – which they followed to the boys popping wheelies and popping Starburst candies from a bag they'd also snatched from a shelf.

Two of the boys, who were not identified because of their ages, were apprehended at the scene. They'll be charged with breaking and entering and attempted theft – of the bikes as well as nearly a dozen pellet guns that they'd stashed in a bag near the exit. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)


Golly, Llama!

A gaggle of drunken French students caused some drama with a llama – by nabbing the critter from a closed-down circus and taking it on a joyride that included a trip on their hometown's mass transit system.

The five teens were looped when they sneaked onto the circus grounds with the intention of riding off on a zebra, but when they tried to get it to mosey along with them, it balked – leading them to settle for the much friendlier llama.

One of the boys said, "It walked with us like a good dog would have," but said that the train conductor didn't look too kindly on the presence of the beast and forced them onto the platform, where they abandoned the llama, tying him to a lamppost.

Police opted not to press charges for the woolly night out, and the llama now has a sizable Facebook following. (Independent)