Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, our Wyoming national parks are closed to the public. But, Google Earth is now making virtual tours available of them online where you can explore from your phone or laptop.

Kudos to Thrillist for the catch on this one. Their story explains that Google Earth is now offering virtual tours of many of America's national parks. Here's what one of the views looks like from Norris Basin in Yellowstone.

Google Earth
Google Earth

You can move around the park by manipulating the arrows on-screen. It's not just a few random images. You really can do some exploring through some of the park sights.

Grand Teton National Park is included too. You can even journey inside of the Chapel of the Transfiguration along with turnouts where many stop and capture iconic Teton pics. I've spent more time on this than I'm willing to admit.

If your curiosity desires it, you can venture outside of Wyoming to check out Glacier National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison and numerous other American national parks.

I could see this being very useful for students who are quarantined at home looking for something educational, but my adult mind was also enjoyed this tool a lot.

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