It's rare that I will say to you that something is a "must-watch", but that's exactly what I'm gonna say about this. A guy decided to begin an adventure where he's visit every single location in Johnny Cash's song "I've Been Everywhere". It took him years, but he finally completed it and you seriously must watch.

This guy named Max began his trek in August of 2016. He completed it over 3 years later. There are a total of 92 places in Johnny Cash's song. Max visited ALL of them. Behold his adventure and his creation. You'll notice that Wyoming was one of Max's stops.

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Max mentioned in the description of his video that during his over 3 year journey, he accumulated over 585 gigabytes of video. Amazing. I've seen a lot of things in my life, but few projects that could compare to that.

For reference, here's the Johnny Cash original from the official YouTube channel so you can see that Max didn't leave any place out.

I'm exhausted just imagining how Max conceived of and completed his Johnny Cash journey. High five to you, buddy. You have done something truly legendary.

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