Facebook's oldest member turns 107 today.

Edythe Kirchmaier, was signed up by her friends at Direct Relief on her 105th birthday.

Edythe Kirchmaier was born in 1908, 49 years before the internet would be invented. She embraces social media, it allows her to check in daily with friends and family. She's also used her status to raise awareness for causes she believes in, such as Direct Relief.

“The biggest change I've seen during my lifetime has to do with the way we communicate with one another,” Kirchmaier told ABC News. “It's just incredible how technology is helping us connect with others throughout the world.”

The centenarian said she cherishes her Facebook relationships but still believes in the power of the pen. Every Tuesday for the past 42 years, she's headed to Direct Relief's headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, to hand-write thank-you letters to the charity's donors.

Kirchmaier said she drove herself to the office up until last year. But after 88 years with a perfect driving record she no longer gets behind the wheel due to health reasons. Instead, her 100-year-old friend Gina Vera now chauffeurs her to appointments.

Kirchmaier said she is awed by the power of social media. Though the only other social app she uses is Words with Friends, she has more than 55,000 followers on her personal Facebook page. The fan page Direct Relief set up for her two years ago has nearly 130,000 likes.

Users can go to the page to donate to the charity and sign up for volunteer opportunities. Or just to wish her a very happy birthday.

“People have sent such thoughtful notes, particularly around my birthdays,” she said.

Happy Birthday to a remarkably thoughtful young lady.






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