The Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt was founded in 2013 by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation (WYWF) as an opportunity for mentoring and developing camaraderie between women.

Teaching women to hunt can help them feed their families and fulfills WYWF’s mission of "investing in the economic self-sufficiency of women."

For the last 10 years, the Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt has brought women to The Ranch at Ucross each October.

Hunters are of a variety of ages and travel from across the country. Because the women that participate in the event have a wide variety of hunting experience levels and backgrounds, the WYWF ensures that this experience includes teaching hunter safety and ethics.

This hunt has also proven to be life-changing for those involved.

While I watched my animal through the scope and waited for her to turn broadside, I thought about the responsibility that comes with harvesting an animal, and what it means to be a good steward of that life. I feel a deeper commitment to the conservation of our Wyoming wildlife, and connected to our land in a wholly different way. As a life-time outdoors person, this surprised me. – 2015 Hunt Participant

If you'd like to see what last year's hunt looked like, you can watch the quick recap video below.

If this looks like something that you'd like to participate in, you have until March 15 2022 to apply for one of their Scholarship spots.

Scholarship hunts are all-inclusive and include everything you need to participate in the hunt.

You can follow this link to apply for a scholarship.

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