All over Wyoming there are great opportunities for hiking, camping and outdoor fun. Hiking is a great activity for the entire family, just make sure you're prepared. It's better to be over-prepared than under-prepared when you're out in the wilderness.

With summer officially here, going out on a summer backpacking trip may be on your agenda or maybe you're setting a goal of taking more hikes this summer.  Having the proper gear and essentials is very important, even if you're just going out on a day hike.

The first thing you need to make sure of, is to let someone know that you're going and give them a general idea of where you're going.

So what are some of the essentials? Good question.

Miranda 'in the wild' is a lover of the outdoors and spends lots of her time hiking, camping and surviving in all different types of hiking environments. She is a  YouTuber for REI has some suggestions on what you should have with you on a hike.

These are the items that Miranda has with her every time she goes out on a day hike.

Hiking Gear
REI via YouTube
  • Navigation - compass and map of the area you're hiking
  • Headlamp - having a source of light is important especially if you're going early or the hike takes longer than you thought and you get caught in the dark.
  • Sun Protection - Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen are all important
  • First Aid Kit - Even a small cut could turn bad if you don't have the essentials to take care of it. Blisters are possible, having a kit to be able to ease the discomfort is a great idea.
  • Knife/ Multi-use tool - helps you cut rope, cloth, packaging, start a fire or making camp.
  • Matches/ Lighter - Waterproof matches or a lighter are good to have with you, incase you get stranded and need warmth
  • Shelter - A space blanket or small tarp could come in handy if you get caught out longer than you expected and need warmth, a place to sleep or to keep rain off of you.
  • Water/ Food - Extremely important to carry a water pack with plenty of water and a source of calories (energy bars, gels, nuts, jerky). It may be a good idea to have a water filtration system too. Staying hydrated and energized is key to a successful hike.
  • Clothing - Maybe not a whole other outfit, but even just a long sleeve or heavier shirt will be a game changer.
  • Personal Protection - We live in large carnivore country and there is a chance you'll run into a bear or mountain lion. Having bear spray or other form of protection is encouraged

All of this gear is lightweight, will fit in your backpack nicely and you'll be happy to have it.

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