If you follow us on Instagram you saw our picture of the sweet Robin that has been hanging out on the tree outside of our studio window.

We were brave enough to make the statement that "we are pretty sure that Spring is here to stay in Wyoming."

Regrettably, there is now snow in today's forecast.

Which led us to ponder...how DO we know it's Spring in Wyoming?

We asked YOU what you thought and the answers (per usual) were many and varied!

Ray said "The first sound of a meadow lark."

Personally, that's one of my first clues too!

Jane said "You find your cattle looking thin and hungry outside in the corral."

This is one my favorites too, the sound of mama cows and their babies mooing in the pasture next to our home.

Jon said "4th of July parade in Glenrock." #wyomingtruth

Angie, we can all relate to your Benadryl GIF and all of the road construction and sunburns GIFs were cracking us up!

I think that @crislovbooks on Instagram had it right "When you pack a coat with you but you may not need it all day."

After all, this is Wyoming, and we get snow all year round. But, when you can leave work carrying your coat and drive home with the windows down...it's a sure sign that Spring is here!

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