It’s fun playing with imaginary money. That’s why I asked what you would do with a million bucks. Your answers were both funny and interesting.

It started with this question on our Facebook page over the weekend.

The number one answer by far was paying off debts. Laura, Kwailin, Gina, Becca, Ellen, Sarah, Adam, Cliff and Tawnya all mentioned paying off debts and/or becoming debt-free.

Many also said they would help others with the money. Laura said she would pay off her mom and sister’s homes and help nieces and nephews. Gina mentioned paying off kid’s homes and cars. Ellen promised to also help those in need.

Shannon said she’d make a dentist rich as she has a lot of work she wants done. Funny.

It’s obvious that debt is on many minds and a potential windfall of a million bucks would go a long way in taking care of that concern.

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