If you love the rich oil history of Casper and Natrona County, you are gonna want to see this. It's a silent home movie that claims to show one of the local Casper refineries from back in the 1930's.

Thank you to Periscope Film for sharing this rare look at what oil refinery life was like in Casper almost 90 years ago. Even though there is no narration, it's a fascinating glimpse at oil work in our area from a bygone era.

The reason I use the word "claim" is it's difficult to nail down the location with a Casper point of reference. No matter if it is indeed Casper, the glimpse into that era of oil work is compelling.

Some of the comments on YouTube helped provide some backstory to what's in the video. User Maximus Minimus (love that name - sounds like an Avenger) said that there is some type of valve actuator at around the 1:15 mark. He was guessing that the control system was pneumatic? It's all Greek to me.

Since I don't have experience in the oil industry like many in our area do, I can't speak to the technical systems in this video. But, I'm taken by the rudimentary work clothes from that time which includes straw hats, etc.

Periscope included a link to the WyoHistory page that gives some cool history on oil work from days gone by. Definitely worth the read.

If you'd like to actually buy videos like this one, Periscope makes that available through their website. Truly a rare look into what the oil life was like in and around Casper (or somewhere) from decades ago.

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