Everything your kids need to know about rock climbing will be taught by pro climbers in a multi-day summer camp, put on by Wyoming Mountain Guides.

Since you've had kids, every summer is the same, and you ask yourself the same questions.

  • What are we going to do with the kids while we work?
  • How can we keep the kids busy enough, they're not on their phones all day?
  • Where can I send the kids during summer to get them out of my hair?
  • Please help me with find something for my kids to do so they're still active, but what?

There's a chance for you to answer all of those questions in one simple camp...

Casper Youth Climbing Camp. 

The Wyoming Mountain Guides are a group climbers that are on a mission to make climbing in Wyoming a 'must do' activity. The team is built of climbers that are all certified, qualified, educated and proven when it comes to climbing. They're exactly who you'd want your kids learning about climbing from professional climbers.

The camp is open for kids ages 10 - 16 and there are 2 different sessions.

  • 1 session June 12-15 9am - 3pm
  • 1 session July 17-20 9am - 3pm

The camp is a hands on education camp and a definite challenge for the summer.

Here's what your kid/kids will learn during the camp

  • Climbing Safety
    • tying knots
    • rappelling
    • belaying (climbing rope system
  • Climbing Techniques
  • Proper Planning and Etiquette For a Climb
  • Geology, ecology, archaeology and history of the rocks and climbing
  • Climbing games, challenges and being outdoors

Seems like a great way to keep your kids busy, active, interested and off their phones this summer. The camp will take place in Fremont Canyon at Pathfinder Reservoir.

IF you need more info or want to get the kids signed up, there are limited spots, contact the Wyoming Mountain Guides and get rolling.

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