In the video below, well, you're just not going to believe this.

This Wyoming bull rider wants to show you how he stretches out before a rodeo.

He also wants to show off and let everybody know who he is and that he's kind of a big deal.

Apparently, as the title of the video says, there is one of these guys at every rodeo.

attachment-Tik Tok Rodeo Cowboy 1

I'm thinking that from now on I should go looking to find these guys.

Actually, some of what he's doing in this video looks about as painful as riding the bull itself.

I'm sure it's a good idea to get limbered up before the big event, but can we find a more manly way to do it?

According to this guy, it's more about looking good than actually being able to ride.

He thinks that has something to do with picking up chicks. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

attachment-Tik Tok Rodeo Cowboy 2

I wonder, after watching this guy, can a person hurt themself as they limber up?

Looks to me like it could happen.

But that brings us back to, is he really stretching out or does he think he's just showing off?

I'm betting it's the latter.

attachment-Tik Tok Rodeo Cowboy 3

I just let you judge by watching the video below.

HONESTLY - I decided to go looking to see if anyone had done a video on how to limber up before a rodeo.


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