If you have long hair, I have great news for you. There is now a place where you can make some serious money if you're ready for a major hair cut.

I saw this most excellent idea on Ranker. They shared a couple of websites that will purchase your hair. One is Hairsellon. People can list their hair or request a specific length and color. If you look at their reviews, you'll notice that several people made over $4,000 for their locks. Where are my scissors?

The frequently asked questions page says there are no geographical restrictions. If you want to sell your Wyoming hair to someone in Finland who's looking for cowboy hair, go for it.

Another site shared by Ranker is OnlineHairAffair. There's a redheaded lady on their offering her hair for $2,000. It does appear that red hair is more valuable than any other, so Opie Taylor would be pleased.

It does appear you need at least 10 or 11 inches of hair to sell on these sites. I think there is a real opportunity for Wyoming people to make some serious coin by doing this. I can only guess that foreigners would go crazy if you offered 11 inches of wild Wyoming cowboy hair. Seriously.

If you want to check what your hair would go for, Hairsellon has an online price calculator. If this catches on, I predict you will start seeing a lot more bald people in Wyoming. Rich Wyoming bald people.

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