There's a new ranking of the highest paying job in each state. Wyoming's top job was a little surprising to me.

Thrillist did this breakdown of what job in each state will bring in the most coin. Before I saw the result, I would have guessed it would have been oil-related considering how many Wyoming jobs are connected to the petroleum industry. I was wrong. According to Thrillist, the highest paying job in Wyoming is OBGYN which rakes in an average of $263,490.

The Glass Door website said basically the same thing as they ranked physician as the #1 job in America.

Since I'm a big fan of having more money, I decided to google "how to become a OBGYN". That led me to a list of the OBGYN to-do list. It includes:

  • Complete undergraduate program
  • Pass Medical College Admission Test
  • Medical School
  • Residency
  • Get a License

I failed at step #1. (*hangs head in shame*)

The good news is if you have the smarts and have the grades to get accepted into medical school, estimates a 14% growth rate for OBGYN's. As an added bonus, you'll have the joy of bringing new lives into this world. Hard to beat that fringe benefit plus the money isn't bad either.

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