Have you ever wondered about some weird statistic and then found yourself on an internet rabbit trail to try and figure it out? That's what happened to me when I decided to figure out what the average Wyoming age is. This is what I learned.

World Population Review is one of the best sites I've found for weird Wyoming statistics. According to them, there are 444,842 adults in our state. Out of all of us, the average Wyoming age is (*drum roll*) 37.

The age breakdown by sex is interesting. Average male age is 36. Average female age is 38.1. That means science has declared that Wyoming women are more mature than men.

I went deeper down the Wyoming age rabbit hole and learned that Wyoming is made up of 48.85% ladies and 51.15% dudes. Sorry ladies, but you are outnumbered by cowboys.

World Population Review says that the average Wyoming family is made up of 3.03 people. My wife laughed and said I must be the .03 part. Sigh.

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