Dreams CAN come true...sometimes it just takes money and a vision. I have one of the two and the one I have, isn't money!

Not sure about you, but one of my dreams is to have a nice plot of land with a view of the mountains, being able to hunt in my back yard and not within sight of the closest neighbor. I watch lots of shows like Mountain Men, Life Below Zero and shows about the subsistence living and have always wanted to live that life. Being in Wyoming makes me one step closer to getting there.

If this sounds like a dream of yours too, you'll definitely want to check out this video from Texas based land investment company called LANDiO. They have have a 40 acre plot of land in Carbon County Wyoming with a great view of the Pedro Mountains, over 30,000 acres of BLM on 3 sides.

I realize there isn't power, running water, or other amenities on the land...BUT, I can picture a nice cabin with a comfortable porch and a could rocking chairs facing the mountains. I think I could make this work for sure! I was shocked to see that this land could be purchased for $124,997...WHAT?

I started doing research on my pipe dream and other potential ways to make develop this land and make it my very own. My imagination took off and I started looking at the perfect cabin, out buildings, power options, water sources, hunting/ fishing potential and the next thing I knew, it's 4 hours later!!! Living in Wyoming, these dreams are much closer than if  I lived anywhere else.

After spending more time with the LANDiO YouTube page and website www.landio.com I saw they just started a new web series called "Cabin Impossible"! A YouTube series that shows the imagination of folks that were told the land they had would NEVER be able to be developed and livable. The first episode has yet to be released, but the shows trailer shows some very interesting land development scenario's.

I don't know about you, but my imagination is now running WILD! Ideas are flying! Web searches are rolling! Now the only thing standing between me and my dream...$$$. Since dreams are free, I'll just keep on dreaming...for now!

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