In-N-Out will be have 50 locations in Colorado in the next few years, with Fort Collins as one of the locations on their list. Here's where they're thinking of putting the new restaurant.

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Every time In-N-Out coming to town gets mentioned, ears perk up. The Coloradoan has the latest on the Choice City getting its double-double on.

According to the article, In-N-Out isn't saying 'for sure' that they're planning for a Fort Collins location, but there are preliminary plans for a Fort Collins spot.


Right across from Totally 80's Pizza on College, south of Prospect. There's a Wok and Roll in that building, currently.

That's a great spot for CSU students. Parking may be an issue, though.

But it's all on their 'back burner,' as nothing happens until they get a distribution facility built, which is going to be in Colorado Springs; they hope to have that done in 2021.

Wouldn't it be something if Whataburger suddenly swooped in and stole the idea for that spot on College?

Get more on In-N-Out's Fort Collins location from the Coloradoan HERE.

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