Prepare yourself for an awkward moment. I would like your opinion on whether it's OK for a family member to kiss another on the lips.

Here's the situation. My very young daughter kissed her brother on the lips. It was completely innocent, but it (to me) was weird. So, I gently told them both that it's not done that way. If you're gonna show affection, a peck on the cheek is fine. But, not everyone feels that way.

The Daily Republic says it's "perfectly OK to kiss family members on the lips if you were raised that way". Yes, I agree if you were raised in rural Kentucky.

Crosswalk also explored this subject from a Biblical perspective based on a reader question. The New York Post and other media outlets want to stop parents kissing kids on the lips entirely.

I'm not talking about husbands kissing wives and vice versa. This is parents kissing kids or kids kissing kids, etc.

What do you think? Is this normal or weird to you?

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