Halloween is still 6 weeks away, but the stories of the macabre and rumors of vampires and werewolves have already begun. An eBay auction of what appears to be a very old photograph of a current famous person has the online world buzzing.  Could this photo really be one of Nicolas Cage?

The photo comes with its own wacky theory, that Nicolas Cage is secretly a vampire. The seller "jack_mord" claims that the photo is from 1870 and was taken in Tennessee. But, I thought a vampire's image couldn't be captured on film?  And why would a "vampire", sit for a photo anyways? Especially if they are trying to hide their identity?

If Nicolas Cage is truly a vampire, then he is proving many of the things we thought to be true about vampires as - wrong. The star of dozens of films has no problem going out into the daylight, can be seen in a mirror and has no problem with garlic.

The tales of vampires or other supernatural beings that feed on the blood or flesh of living have been found in nearly every culture around the world. It is believed that the actual word - VAMPIRE - first appeared in the English language back in 1734, according to the Oxford dictionary. Although the stories of these type creatures dates back for many centuries. Long before the term vampire was invented and used for blood drinking and similar activities of these undead, stories of vampires were thought to belong to the likes of demons or spirits or even be the Devil himself.

With the popularity of vampire movies, television shows and video games, the legend of the vampire is now firmly cemented in our culture today.

The owner of this eBay photo was hoping to get $1 million dollars for the print. However, as of the time of this posting, the auction has recently been removed. I'm not sure if it's due to the popularity of this item, unwanted press, or if its been removed as part of a cease and desist letter from the Cage camp?

Either way, the story is all over the internet now and if Nicolas Cage was trying to hide the fact that he is a vampire, his gig is up. As I mentioned earlier, the only small problem with this theory is that supposedly - Vampires can't be photographed. But, if Mr. Cage is indeed a vampire, that would explain why he's such a bad actor and unable to imitate the concept of actual human emotions.

I'll leave it up to you to decide!!



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