This just in. We're not really epic when it comes to driving in Casper. There's a new study that makes that statement official.

I spotted this news flash on 247 Wall St. They did a study called "Worst Cities to Drive In Each State". When it comes to Wyoming, take a wild guess which city is #1? That's right. Look in the mirror and give yourself a high-five if you said Casper. We are officially the worst city to drive in throughout Wyoming.

How did we get to this bad driving status? 247 Wall St based this on traffic fatalities and thefts per 100,000 people along with commute time and number of drivers commuting. Casper ranked higher than the rest of the state in fatalities per person and vehicle thefts. Lock those doors.

I've spent plenty of time on 2nd Street and navigating downtown and can confirm I've seen plenty of less-than-awesome vehicle skills, but I frankly expected Cheyenne to be worse than us due to the number of Colorado drivers that cross the border into their town. Sorry, Colorado. The truth hurts.

You can see the numbers about Casper drivers for yourself in the full 247 Wall St story.

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