Having lived in major metropolitan areas around the country (and quite literally, around the world as well), I try not to complain about Wyoming drivers.

That being said, ever since the construction started on Interstate 25 approximately two years ago, I have noticed a lot more aggressive and dare I say, narcissistic local drivers.

While I have observed this all over Casper, where it seems to be at it's worse (as of late anyway), is anywhere in the vicinity of the I-25 construction zones, and it doesn't matter which way traveling, although I will admit, northbound, especially in the early mornings, is extremely bad.

I realize a lot folks are going to work and taking children to school, but the excessive speeding has already caused numerous accidents. Getting to your destination safely should be more important than getting there on time AND if time is an issue:

  • leave home earlier.
  • plan ahead better.
  • find an alternate route.
  • or deal with the consequences.

I am one of those people that does the speed limit, particularly in construction zones. I have family that work in those areas and they have told me how dangerous it is and also how many folks ignore the posted speed limit, which if you are wondering is forty-five miles per hour (45 mph).

Personally, I was already in one serious car accident this year (that wasn't my fault and also totaled my vehicle), and I don't plan to be in another. Furthermore, I hate getting tickets.

Earlier this year, I wrote an open letter to people that like to tailgate and how it's not only unsafe, but doesn't work anyway. Apparently, some folks didn't get the message.

I can't make anyone do anything that don't want to do, but one thing I've always loved about Casper, is how friendly and considerate the bulk of the population is. We need to get back to that... ASAP!

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