Yet another Wyoming newspaper is moving out of its old big building and into a tiny office.

The first to do so was the Casper Star Tribune, when they sold a large building they had been in for decades, along with the massive printing press the building housed, and moved into a far smaller office near downtown Casper.

The Gillette News Record is now doing the same. The News Record used to be in a rather large building that housed reporters, editors, sales staff, and so much more. They have just announced that they are leaving that building behind for a small office space that will be just big enough for a couple of reporters and sales staff.

Look for the News Record’s new location at 1001 South Douglas Highway, Suite B3, in the business plaza behind Visionary Communications, where the News Record will continue publishing newspapers twice weekly, along with daily online coverage of the community. (GNR). 

Below is a Google image of the old News Record building.

attachment-Gillette New Record Google

Meanwhile, Campbell County Health has entered into an agreement with the previous owners of the News Record to buy the building on Second Street and Burma Avenue. (GNR). 

In that announcement, you'll also see that they are only publishing "twice weekly." That's not to say that they won't be publishing daily content online. But the paper form of their publication will only be available twice a week.

The paper form of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle is also much smaller and does not print daily papers anymore. But they still retain their large building in Cheyenne, as they print other newspapers like the Casper Star Tribune.

Newspapers have been struggling across the nation for many years.

There is a new way of creating content and distributing it to the public.

Today's technology makes it easy for anyone to start a news organization. It no longer takes a lot of money to do so.

Below is a picture of the old Casper Star Tribune building, from Google.

attachment-Casper Star Tribune Google

Here in Wyoming, several of our major newspapers are just small shadows of their former selves.

It's not that these news sources need to go away. It's just that not many people pick up a physical paper anymore. Everything is on that little device we see people holding and staring at all day.

Old newspapers have had to figure out a new business model to exist in today's world.

Gone are the days of most people wanting a subscription. People expect the news they see on their phones to be subscription-free.

Wyoming's legacy newspapers will be able to survive in the future if they can figure out this new way of doing business.

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