As I have mentioned before, I love to browse the websites of some of my favorite artists and find little gems to show you...I came across this latest courtesy of our friends at AOL's I really love is that he is going to be bringing us new music EVERY Week!  Enjoy!

Wednesday's No Longer Suck! That's the title of Jaron and the Long Road to Love's webisode series, which includes a new live performance every Wednesday. Today's video is his cover of the Foo Fighters' 'Best of You.'

"I decided I was going to give myself a challenge and have fun, where I would record and release a new song every week," Jaron tells The Boot of the inception of his Wednesday series. "Some of them might be songs that I already have out, some might be brand-new songs I wrote that week and some might be cover songs ... I'd say 30 might be originals and 20 covers. Some people say that's a lot of cover songs, but I say, 'Yeah, but that's still three times the amount of originals a typical recording artist puts out! [laughs]"

(Watch it below.)

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