We asked for your help to find "Cherry Cola" from the Foo Fighters Concert on December 10th, and you delivered. Thanks for your help, we were able to speak with Gloria Waurzyniak. Casper, meet 'Cherry Cola'.

If you didn't go to the Foo Fighters, here is what you missed. Gloria, aka 'Cherry Cola' was an older woman in the crowd rocking out to the Foos. Lead singer Dave Grohl tried to ask the woman her name, but as it was loud and rockers are deaf, he couldn't hear her.

I’ll be your Crown Royal if you’ll be my Cherry Cola - Dave Grohl said at the Casper Event Center.

The nickname 'Cherry Cola' was born. Throughout the night, Grohl or others in the band would dedicate songs to her. She became part of the show while she held the Naval dog tags of her late husband, Michael.

Michael was a decorated Naval Officer, who tragically took his own life. After struggling with post-traumatic stress, losing some close friends during the 9-11/Pentagon attack in 2001, and alcoholism, he lost his battle. She tells the stories when she can, and for us here in Wyoming, it is all too familiar.

I wear his ashes and his dog tags with me every show I go to, and that's in his honor and his love of the Foo Fighters - Cherry Cola.

Michael is the reason Gloria follows the Foo Fighters. If it weren't for him, she would be following Buffalo Springfield.

When I first met Michael, he was a huge Nirvana fan. I was the wife that would go into the den and go - 'turn that stuff down'. - Cherry Cola

December 10th, she stood front row rocking with Casper. She might have well been a member of the band.

Gloria had no idea that she was going to be part of the show. Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are notorious for impromptu fan interactions like this. This shows how a band can have loyal fans for over 22 years. A lot happens over that time for the band and their fans.

Gloria lost her husband, but life goes on. She talks with vets about their experiences. She volunteers at the VA Hospital and Denver Zoo. As the interview continues, Cherry Cola gives this sage bit of advice:

Stay active. When you start getting old, get up and go. Just don't stop going.

Thank you, Cherry Cola. You are an inspiration. There goes my hero.

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