Kenny Chesney doesn't keep his love for football quiet and now he's taken that love a step further. The singer has co-produced a documentary about legendary NCAA coach Steve Spurrier.

Chesney teamed up with Nashville filmmaker Shaun Silva to create the documentary about Spurrier. Spurrier is best known for previously being the coach for the Florida Gators football team and now the current coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

The documentary is set to air on Aug. 27 and the trailer for the documentary has just been released. The film will show Spurrier's impressive career as a whole. Before coaching, Spurrier played the game at Florida where he was a two-time All American Quarterback -- and Heisman winner.

Spurrier also played in the NFL before retiring as a player. He then began coaching and eventually returned to Florida, this time as a coach. He served as an NFL coach for the Washington Redskins before joining the Gamecocks as their current head coach.

Spurrier and Chesney have been friends for several years but it wasn't known to the public until Chesney asked Spurrier to join him onstage for 'Happy Birthday' at one of his shows in 2007. Chesney has already co-produced another documentary for ESPN, so this isn't his first rodeo. The film interviews those closest to Spurrier that witnessed different parts of his career.

“They spent a lot of time with my family, wife, kids, grandkids and so forth, and a lot of former players. So hopefully it will turn out ok," Spurrier explains at an SEC media day (quote via Rolling Stone Country).

'The Believer' trailer can be seen in the video above before the movie is released on Aug. 27.