Kix Brooks is this week's featured celebrity for the 'Boot Campaign.'  If you're like me, you're saying to yourself, "what's the 'Boot Campaign?'"

The 'Boot Campaign' is a very cool grassroots organization that was created by five Texas women known as the 'Boot Girls.'  They've found a clever and unique vehicle to support our nation's military personnel and their families when they return home from combat.  Check out their website

Back to Kix.  He's just one of many celebrities which include Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, and Gretchen Wilson, that have set aside their own footwear, to don a pair of 'Give Back' Boots.  Funds raised from the sale of the boots (and other merchandise) go to charities that assist with a wide range of disorders, from physical injuries to post traumatic stress.  That is fantastic!

The campaign's goal is to see one million American's in a pair of 'Give Back' boots.  And with a name like "Kix" lending his support, they're sure to be a few steps closer to that goal.

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