I remember when I got my first glimpse of Lacy J. Dalton.  It was in 1982 on a Roy Clark televised music special.  (Thanks again, HBO!) She sat at a piano wearing a cool Cowboy Hat and Isotoner-like gloves.  Yes, I was in love!  It resonated enough that when I went to work for my first Country radio station, I immediately looked up the song, Hard Times, which I love to this day.  I could definitely relate.

Lacy J. Dalton was born Jill Byrem in 1946 in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  Known for her "gritty and powerful vocals," she had most of her hits in the '8os without ever achieving "superstar" status.  She does continue to make music to this day, however.  Last year, she independently released, Here's To Hank, which is available at her website.

Here's Lacy J. and Black Coffee.