Lee Brice fans have long wondered what took so long. The singer and 2012 CMA New Artist of the Year nominee has recently notched back-to-back No. 1 hits after six years of struggling to keep songs on the charts. During a recent conversation with Taste of Country Nights radio host Jeremy Robinson, Brice explained why his time is now. 

"There is a big timing kind of factor," he explains in the video interview, which was taped before a recent show in Allen, Texas. "Our timing has just been off for years."

Brice's music has always been strong, but for one reason or another, songs have failed to make an impact with fans and radio programmers. This often has to do with competition from other artists and artists within your own label. Brice is signed to Curb Records, longtime home to Tim McGraw.

The 'Hard to Love' singer will soon be appearing on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' a show he's wanted to be a part of for quite some time. Next year, he'll marry longtime girlfriend Sara Reevely. Brice says he wants her to have the wedding she's always dreamed of... but he'll be in charge of the music.

Watch the Taste of Country Nights interview to hear the 32-year-old's thoughts on deer hunting, acting and when it's clear he's had way too much to drink. Taste of Country Nights radio airs on over 40 radio stations weeknights from 7PM to midnight. Listen online at any of the station websites listed here.