The internet has been spending an unusual amount of time lately watching a grizzly in Yellowstone try to take down a herd of elk. The key word for this bear is "try".

In case you haven't heard, it's not easy being a grizzly in Yellowstone lately. Earlier this year, it looked like there would be the first grizzly hunt in 40 years. Protection for the grizzlies was just restored this past week. It isn't easy being a Yellowstone grizzly.

This grizzly does not fare well in his/her elk hunt. Even though there appear to be a zillion elk, all the grizzly accomplishes is chasing them across the plains. That's one of the reasons why I'm mystified that so many people are obsessed with this video. It's basically elk staring at a bear then running away. Thanks for being you, internet.

I must admit that I was cheering for the grizzly in this scenario. As the Yellowstone National Park website mentions, this is the time of year when the bears are trying to stock up some body fat before they begin hibernation in late October and November.

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