Indiana gets a lot of love for being the "Crossroads of America". That's mostly because no one wants to stop there. Have you ever been to Indiana? It's terrible. It's like Nebraska, but with even more corn. I can say this, I was born there. With that said, Wyoming should be considered the "Crossroads of America" because we pretty much connect the West Coast to the Midwest and East Coast. Also, we have mountains to look at, instead of corn.

With that said, NBC's Sunday Night Football was recently crossing through Wyoming on I-80, heading west, outside of Laramie. This makes sense considering the crew will be in San Francisco this Sunday, with the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Green Bay Packers. Wow, the NFL really put all their eggs in the Green Bay Packers' basket this year, lots of primetime football for them.

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Maybe next time they cross through the Cowboy State, they could stop in Laramie and set up shop at War Memorial? I mean, I could go for an NFL game at War Memorial Stadium. That sounds like a great location for a neutral game. They do it all the time in London, and we don't talk funny here and actually know what football is, not "football" or however they want to butcher soccer. I hope you read that in a very British accent to help me out.

Jared Newland Townsquare Media
Jared Newland Townsquare Media

Oh well, thanks for visiting, NBC truck, come back when you want to party with Wyoming. We'll accept you.

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