Have your family and friends fallen into the 'Ho-Hum' when it comes to holiday parties? With social media and the internet being full of ideas, there's no reason for that. Over the years, the 'White Elephant' Christmas gift exchange has evolved and in some cases, created chaos.

The gifts have maybe gotten a little racier, the thought behind the gift has gotten deeper or even have gone the other way and people don't care like they used to. So spicing up those holiday get togethers, is a must.

I found some great ideas on how to do just that.

Instagram is a great source for finding those cool ideas, that will not only add excitement, but will keep everyone involved engaged in the party. I'm sure you've seen the videos on social media of families standing around the kitchen and rolling ping pong balls into cups or plates and if you can get it in, you're winning whatever the prize is, right?

You could have a house full of kids, or a house full of adults, either way, you'll get their attention with games like:

Games To Spice Up Your Wyoming Holiday Party

Check out this video of going next level for those crazy family, work or friends holiday gatherings. I'm pretty sure if you do any of theses, you're going to get to host for the next few years.

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