Deeyung Entertainment recently unveiled a new helmet design for the University of Wyoming football team. The concept is part of their "Fresh Football Helmets" series created for many of college football's biggest programs.

The company is quick to point out that their designs have not been officially licensed by the NCAA or any of its members. It classifies the series as fan art and the helmets will not be for sale.

In spite of the fact that Wyoming will probably never take the field with these helmets, the fresh design looks pretty cool. It features an expanded version of the iconic Cowboys bucking horse and rider logo in the traditional brown and gold colors.

With the recent trend of college football teams marketing alternate jersey and helmet designs, the University of Wyoming Athletic Department may want to take a look at the "Fresh Football Helmet" series, or a similar concept, in the future.

Want to see what it would look like?  Here's a link to each of Deeyung Entertainment's college football helmet designs (Wyoming is in the fourth row).