Marriage is off.  Marriage is on.  Billy is worried about Miley.  Billy is sorry for worrying about Miley.  Song is off.  Song is on...Geesh!  As if there wasn't enough drama going on in the world without always hearing about the Cyrus's, er...Cyruses...the Cyrus family!  These people are seriously cutting into my Charlie Sheen time.  

If you haven't heard by now, Billy Ray Cyrus and wife, Tish have formally halted their divorce proceedings and are working toward reconciliation.  YAY!  They've even been spotted out together, recently.  Bad news--it wasn't at a barber shop.

One of the reasons for the divorce--an unsubstantiated rumor that Tish had an affair with Poison frontman, and Celebrity Apprentice winner, Bret Michaels.  Bret and Miley had gotten together last year to re-record Poison's monster hit, Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

Now TMZ is reporting that just one day after the divorce was halted, Bret is saying that the single's release is back on, possibly this summer.  Bigger YAY!

We're still not going to hold our breath.  Miley is a great singer and the duet is probably awesome, but mischief just seems to follow that girl.  Get the actual story and past accounts, here.

You ready to hear Miley and Bret belt out some "...Rose...?"