For fun, I decided to find the most expensive home available in Glenrock. What I found is a home that is also loved by eagles.

The home is a looker without the birds. According to Zillow, it's located at 36 Running Dutchman Drive in Glenrock, Wyoming. Fitting your couch into the home won't be a problem either since it's a 5-bed, 4-bath home with over 4,200 square feet.

If you look at the Zillow description, you'll notice one of the features that definitely caught my eye:

This home is a wonderful place to enjoy your time relaxing on a large new deck over looking the North Platte River, fishing, floating down to your own private dock, gardening, riding your horse, shooting trap or water fowl sports. We also love watching bald eagles, turkeys, deer, antelope, and other wildlife.

They also shared a pic of one of the majestic eagles that apparently likes to use one of their trees for a nice view of the North Platte River.

The asking price for this stellar Glenrock property is $585,000. That puts me around $579,999 short. Darn. Check out the full listing if you'd like a shot at owning the most expensive property available in Glenrock right now or just dream like me.

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