They say it takes a village to raise a child, but who knew the same applied to naming it?

Natasha Hill, a 26-year-old teacher from Los Angeles, has won a Belly Ballot contest in which she will let other people name her soon-to-be born baby in exchange for $5,000.

Hill said she plans to pay off her credit debt and sock away the remaining funds into a college fund, although she might want to save some cash if the kid is saddled with a name like Over The. Get it? Like Over The Hill?

Actually, there will be a pool of names voters can choose and Hill says she isn’t too worried about something too off-the-wall winning, adding, “"I think people will do the right thing and vote for something unique and nice.” Her boyfriend, however, is pretty worried.

While some people may think it’s kind of risky to let your pride and joy be named by a total stranger, one group is downright angry about it, labeling Hill's actions nothing more than "irresponsible parenting."

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