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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - What a Cone Head!
#2 - Carbonated Crook Pops Clerk
#3 - Naked Horseplay

What a Cone Head!

A British man went from bonehead to cone head after he managed to get his noggin stuck in a traffic cone in the middle of a busy intersection.

The unnamed doofus put the contraption on his head while joking with pals, but it slipped down a little too far and he got lodged inside – head, shoulders and all. A witness who'd been eating at a local fast food joint said, "I had seen him walking with it on top of his head five minutes earlier, but now it was pulled right down. No one was helping him because they thought he was just messing around."

Police showed up on the scene and freed him to a round of applause, two hours after his head game began. (Orange News)

Carbonated Crook Pops Clerk

A Florida man made good on his promise to pop a clerk at a convenience store he was trying to hold up, using a can of Pepsi as a weapon.

Kenny Lott Jr. paid for the soda and asked the clerk for a pack of cigarettes and a beer, but she refused to hand those over because the 22-year-old couldn't provide ID to prove he was of legal age. Enraged, Lott hopped up on the counter and let the woman have it right between the eyes with the can, then decided that he might as well rip off the cash in the register while he was at it.

Lott, who was clad only in a pair of shorts, is now wanted on charges of strong-arm robbery and – if the store wants to press the charge – violating the no-shirt, no-shoes, no service rule. (Bay News 9)

Naked Horseplay

A Georgia man was arrested after he was spotted horsing around – naked from the waist down in a horse pasture!

The owner of a small ranch spotted Kayde Said walking half-nude on the side of the road near his property and called cops. When officers responded and approached the man, he first identified himself as "Kayla Horse," then said his name was "K. Horsetail."

When asked what he was doing on the property, he told the deputies that he just wanted to see what it felt like to ride a horse while naked. He didn't get the chance to saddle up the way he intended, but got to ride the back of a cruiser to jail after being charged charged with public indecency, criminal trespass and giving a false name or false information to police. (Cartersville Patch)