Kimberly Williams-Paisley's character Peggy on the ABC drama 'Nashville' is one viewers love to hate. However, the manipulative, diabolical new wife to Mayor Teddy Conrad (and real life wife of Brad Paisley) is who fans are talking about on Thursday.

Spoiler alert: Read on only if you want to know what happened during the closing moments of Wednesday's (Dec. 11) episode of 'Nashville.'

After teasing a death for weeks, it's not really clear who got the axe -- although, Paisley may have let the cat out of the bag on Twitter. "Thanks so much to the cast & crew of #Nashville. I had a ball. See you in hell! - #Peggy" she tweeted after the show ended.

Soon after, the actress suggested the gunshot wound might have only been a flesh wound, but that seems unlikely. The show's other potential victim is gay singer Will, played by Chris Carmack. He ended the night standing on railroad tracks as a locomotive barrels toward him. It's a pickle that seems easier to get out of than Peggy's predicament.

Peggy was shot when a hitman was sent after the mayor/her husband. There was a struggle, and then the brunette slumped to the earth, motionless. Scenes from the next episode on Jan. 15 show Rayna James' (Connie Britton) family in black, mourning. Over 90 percent of viewers who took one fan poll agree they're bummed about Peggy.

This loss means the singing Paisley is once again the family's lone breadwinner.