The Natrona County Sheriff's Office is warning Casper residents of a new scam making the rounds, in which, once again, the perpetrator attempts to steal money from unfortunate victims.

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That's according to a recent press release from the NCSO, who wrote that scammers are calling Casper citizens using a fake name and title, and they are telling citizens that they've missed either a court date or jury duty.

"The scammer proceeds to ask the citizen to meet them at the Natrona County Sheriff's Office to clear up the issue by means of payment, and in at least one instance, told a citizen to bring a specific amount of cash with them," the NCSO wrote on their Facebook page. "The scammer uses (307) 215-8165 as a callback phone number, or calls from a private line leaving a message with the above statements."

The sheriff's office said that these scammers can be quite convincing, bordering on intimidating.

"As a reminder, if needed our deputies will always gladly come and speak with you in person with proper identification," the NCSO wrote. "If you receive a suspicious call like this, you can always ask the caller to identify who they are. You can then call our non-emergency phone line at (307) 235-9282, and we are happy to verify the information with you."

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office asked that residents share this information with their friends, family, and neighbors, and that they continue to report any suspicious phone calls to the sheriff's office.

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