Ned LeDoux was born and raised in Wyoming. But, his upcoming performance at Beartrap will be his first time in Casper. We spoke to him about what everyone can expect from him and his band when they play on the mountain.

We broke the news to Ned about our petition to have him open for Garth at Cheyenne Frontier Days next year. He seemed to be pretty OK with that idea.

Ned LeDoux: "That'd be cool...Sounds pretty darn good. I'm in."

Ned's musical career began when he became the drummer for his dad's band Western Underground. We asked him what it was like to go from being a drummer to the front man for his own band.

Ned LeDoux: "Well, I've always been my own person, my own man...I'm very proud of where I came from. I've never forgotten WHERE I came from."

Ned has big things planned for his upcoming performance at Beartrap on Sunday, August 4 as he opens up for Mark Chesnutt.

Ned LeDoux: "As far as like our set goes, it's gonna be a lot of my material and then a lot of dad's classic stuff. We try to keep the show real high energy...leaving you wanting more."

Ned's focus later this year will be on new music as he has a new album coming.

Ned LeDoux: "Where You Belong is the first cut off the new album that will be out later on this year. We're gonna be releasing 3 more songs off there before the full album comes out. We'll have the pre-sale set up later on, but yeah I'm really excited for people to hear this new stuff."

If you want to keep up with the latest from Ned, you can check out his official website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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