There's a new book that documents 185 cases of missing hunters around the country including Wyoming. That book is now the basis for a new movie that looks for answers as to what is really going on.

The movie is called Missing 411: The Hunted. According to the listing on Vimeo, it's based on a book by former police detective David Paulides who documents cases where hunters disappeared mysteriously.

It's worth noting that David has written two other books about Bigfoot, so don't be surprised if that isn't part of the theory behind some hunter disappearances.

According to David's Wikipedia page, he decided to make the Missing 411 movie after a conversation with an off-duty park ranger who mentioned the mysterious nature of many disappearances in our national parks.

The reason for why many of these disappearances are considered puzzling according to the movie is the fact that many who have gone missing were seasoned sportsmen who were equipped with the appropriate gear to survive just about anything. In many cases, nothing was ever located including their equipment.

I've rented this movie myself and find the cases they presented to be extremely perplexing. I highly recommend checking Missing 411: The Hunted out for yourself to see what you think. It's available on Vimeo, Amazon, iTunes and for DVD purchase.

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