One of the endearing things I've always appreciated about Jackson is the city proper has a ton of character. New to that vibe is a fish mural that is now on one of the buildings. A new time-lapse video shows how it happened.

JH Public Art just dropped this amazing video on Vimeo of a mural being painted on the side of Snake River Brewing in Jackson.

In something like this, it's vital to understand the concept the artist has for his/her work. Here's what a quote from the artist from the Vimeo share:

The fish is set in a familiar position for most people. It feels like a house with the trim around it and it looks mounted on the wall. But the twist will be the flowing underwater weeds and bubbles rising. This implies that this is a live scene, showing that the river and its health are involved with us as well.

Got it. I'm not sure I would have picked up on that concept just by looking at it, but can appreciate that he's making sure viewers understand that the health of Jackson (and Wyoming for that matter) is tied to the river and wildlife.

My mother was a china painter. She had one plate that ended up in the China Painting Hall of Fame. It really is a place believe it or not. That's one reason I've always appreciated the work that goes into art like this. Watching him in action is something you don't see every day. Next time you get to travel to Jackson, this would be one wall worth checking out on the side of Snake River Brewing.

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