There's a harrowing new video that shows the wildfire near Jackson as seen from downtown.

As we reported, the Saddle Butte wildfire has caused many evacuations in Jackson. Here's how the guy that shared this video described the video above:

On September 1, 2019 a wildfire erupted after a metallic balloon hit a power line in Jackson, WY. We thought the fire was close to our home. So we decided to go INTO THE FIRE!

The decision to go "into the fire" is probably not a wise one, but you can understand the emotions of his family as they were concerned the fire was near their home. There's a reason why authorities issue evacuation orders for dangerous situations like this. Best to let the firefighters do their job and focus on the wildfire instead of getting in the way.

Here's the wildfire as shared by another guy in Jackson.

These videos show just how close the wildfire was to the heart of Jackson. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the many in Wyoming that are facing these wildfires right now.

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