The price of gasoline is on the rise all across the country as summer arrives.  But those of us in Wyoming will surely notice an additional bump in our gas prices starting July 1st, when the new $.10 cent fuel tax goes into effect.

When the Wyoming legislature was in session earlier this year, they answered the call from Governor Matt Meed for a new source of state funding.  The new fuel tax will rise from $.14 cents a gallon to $.24 cents a gallon.  Monies generated by this new tax increase will mostly be allocated to the Wyoming Department of Transportation for road maintenance and construction, with the rest (about 1/3rd) will go to local governments.

This new tax hike is expected to raise about $70 million annually for Wyoming.  Approximately $46 million would go toward state highways, $16 million for county roads, $7 million for city and town roads with $1 million to state parks, for maintenance and construction.

Early estimates say the average Wyoming family can expect to pay an additional $115 per year for fuel, according to economists.





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