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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Weekend at Bernie's in Motown
#2 - Grounds for Arrest
#3 - Not Very Wal-Smart

Weekend at Bernie's in Motown

A Detroit area man was taken into custody on a variety of charges after trying to make his dad the life of the party – by stealing his corpse from a cemetery and trying to bring it back to life.

Vincent Bright made off with his dad's body, just hours before he was set to be buried, and took the remains to his home, where he loaded them into a freezer in his basement. Bright told friends that he had faith that, through prayer, the 93-year-old could be miraculously resurrected.

"It's an unusual case, it's not something you see every day," Gerald Karafa, Bright's court-appointed lawyer, told the Detroit Free Press. (Huffington Post)


Grounds for Arrest

An Alabama man who tried to hold up a Starbucks was thwarted by a clerk who showed a "latte" guts by refusing to fork over the cash drawer – and offering a free cup of coffee instead.

Phillip Sawdey approached the cashier, unarmed, and demanded that she give him all the cash on hand, but she replied that she was unable to open the register. When he objected, the employee said she'd give him a dose of caffeine instead, which he accepted and walked out of the store.

Cops found him a short time later, sipping his beverage in a parking lot, and arrested him for robbery without incident. (


Not Very Wal-Smart

A Florida couple was hauled off to jail after asking a Wal-Mart employee for help in loading up their car – with a big-screen television they'd just stolen from the store.

Terry Wayne Davis and Tearra Sander were busted after a surveillance tape showed them carting off the set, then asking for assistance in getting it into the trunk. When they returned for a second round of shopping, store security called cops, who stopped their car – only to have Sander admit to the theft, and offer to return the TV in exchange for leniency.

The store manager declined, and decided to press charges – marking the ninth arrest for the pair, who remain jailed, unable to make bail. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)