I have no problem with the almost constant wind in Casper. It's one of the endearing qualities that makes this place unique. But, there's something I came across today that reminded me why I really should LOVE the Wyoming wind. See if you agree.

There was a thought shared by Only In Your State that caught my eye. It wasn't even the main theme of the story. The blog was about the 9 Things That Come To Everyone’s Mind When They Think Of Wyoming. Last on that list was wind with the following thought: (I've highlighted the theory that I love)

While we curse it, we're secretly thankful for it. If this state had better weather, we'd surely lose it to tourists and outsiders. Wyoming's wind is its protection from development, and for that we are grateful.

Had honestly not given that concept a lot of thought, but it's true that the Wyoming wind can drive some folks crazy. Fine.

My family has grown tired of big cities. That's one of the many reasons why we wanted to raise our family in Wyoming. The fact that (as Wikipedia points out) Wyoming has the lowest population density (not including the loners up in Alaska) than any other state is a very good thing. Less crowds and congestion is great with my family.

Thank you Wyoming wind for making this a reality that many of us embrace.

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